Gene 2020 is an HD backing tracks project created to help for all guitar, bass and drums players around the globe to grow in their paths of becoming great musicians.

Nowadays, with the big amount of resources available online, it’s not that easy to find a website that centralise high quality self-learning resources, accessible in all the most used music platforms, for different types of musicians to develop their skills in a free way, going beyond of practising over a cover from other artists’ songs. That’s where Gene2020 finds its inspiration to create and share a good amount of HD Backing Tracks, Drumless Backing Tracks and Bass Backing Tracks in different music styles.

Beginning just with HD backing tracks, we realised these three kinds of musicians used the videos to practice following the score sheet, and specially guitar players used them to improvise over them as a second guitar, so we embraced the idea of finding a resource also for bass players and drummers, to free themselves into their own inspiration. And there is where drumless backing tracks and bass backing tracks were born.

Once we found a solution in the backing tracks, the challenge of this project was about the quality… How to get high quality backing tracks? For you, it’s as simple as exploring drumless backing tracks, bass backing tracks and HD backing tracks sections and start playing your instrument, but for us it’s also a long term commitment to do our best to learn, improve and adapt Gene2020 to future technologies and platforms to deliver the best quality HD backing tracks, bass backing tracks and drumless backing Tracks.

So you want to find high quality backing tracks? I think you found the solution here.


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