With this video, I wanted to demonstrate that limitation are only in your head.
Using the basic version of  CUBASE LE AI 10 and achieving great sound is easy with a few remarkable steps that will make your mix sound like a pro.
A lot of people asking if is possible to achieve great results only with the Daw plugins, still I don´t know but this video talk clearly and sound great for me.
Recording Mixing and Mastering is not science has a lot of people says, is more, is an infinite possibility and steps that you can take towards your fantasy with your creativity and blank Ideas to develope in the name of the ART.
This does not take away the fact that there are lots of great plugins outside there that sound much better but knowing the things you use and the necessity that you have is going to help you clarify your idea of sound.
Building a sound is pure creativity, but if you start with total unawareness of the sound you are building from the beginning you will sound bad anytime.
If you record a shitty guitar part or very bad taste synthesizer, doesn´t matter how many plugins you will put, will always sound bad.
How many times we are stuck in the process of mixing and mastering and we do not like it? Because we have too much available and we don´t know what we really want.
Practice with these methods will let you understand what you really miss in your mixes and mastering and production process.
Reduce the things you need whit the things you want and planning the sound you want to achieve will improve your creative path to the final results and let you realize how thigs properly work and appreciate the real deal: SKILLS.
So enjoy the course here the steps if you want to jump in a part that really interests you.
– Recording Bass► 01:28
– Recording Guitars► 08:29
– Ambient Guitar► 16:19
– Sinth & Sound Design► 23:44
– Tap delay Guitars► 39:27
– Consolidating Guitar► 46:33
– Consolidating Drums► 54:33
– Preparing Mix► 01:00:04
– Mix► 01:04:57
– Finalize Mix► 01:45:20
– Export and Conclusions► 01:53:51
– Mastering► 01:59:09
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