Guitar Sound with Slates Plugins


DOWNLOAD for free the project and remix it as you like and have fun while practising with Slate Digigital Plug-Ins. 

My 1st impression with the TH-U guitar efx when I plug my guitar was that sound very natural and with a super nice intuitive graphical interface and lovely effects were very easy to get the sound in my head.

No less important was the fact on mixing and recording with all the other simulation, I found out that as soon as you put them in the insert of the daw you immediately get the sound, to record this little track took me more or less 3 hours mixing included.

The simulation compression distressor is TERRIFIC sound, WOW, there is no other terms to describe it and I had the luck to use them in the input to record with it and my mix took is place in the fastest and best mix I ever did.

So easy to use, sound great, not to much power suck everything for a little price I have to say that SLATE DIGITAL really has done the best deal of our digital era.

I had a little problem in installing the I look but just because I wanted to do everything to much fast and the guy from support service was really fast thinking about the time where I live and the time where they have a business location, in half day they solve everything. 

I still do not find any reason to don’t subscribe to their service, It is cheap and great better than any other deal is in the market, and to be honest they sound much better than other plugins were I spent a lot more than their monthly subscription. 

I am really satisfied with it I hope you having fun downloading this project and send me the link of your mix if you would like.



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