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Gene2020 – Cover Guitar Tab with backing track


Guitar Backing Track - Rock E Major - Instrumental music backing track

Gene 2020 is a Cover Guitar Tab project

created to help all guitar players around the globe

to grow in their paths of becoming great musicians.

Nowadays, with the big amount of resources available online,

it’s not that easy to find a website that centralize high quality self-learning resources,

accessible in all the most used music platforms,

for different types of musicians to develop their skills in a free way,

going beyond of practicing over a cover from other artists’ songs.

That’s where Cover Guitar Tab finds its inspiration to create and share the

Guitar Backing Tracks + the TAB to follow in the video.

With Guitar Cover Tabs is embraced the idea of adding the TAB

for guitar and have fun wile you play your solo part and self leaning on YouTube.


Our Covers with Guitar Tab :

Steve vai - for the love of god guitar backing track


The fact of playing a solo of another guitar player

is a good way of learn guitar.

Sometimes could be difficult if you do not have the right resources.

Cover Guitar Tab produce the right TAB for guitarist

and make them on sync with the backing tracks.

You can see here the example :


Make a solo yours and extract your favourite phrases

could be a good way on building your music vocabulary.


How we produce tracks:

Our Guitar Backing tracks are produced with Cubase.

There are few steps before recording that makes our tracks really special.

The 1st step is the creativity. Our backing tracks are all inspired, and they come from the heart.

The second step is the way we produce the music.

We pre produce the track with click and make sure the harmony work for the purpose.

The second step is to program the drums with our loops live played collection.

3rd step is to record bass, possibly with a real one or programming.

The last step before mixing is

learn the backing track !!!

and be able to play it and record it in one take the guitars.

Every track is special and unique, they are mastered as a single units

to maintain the style on the genre as well.

this is why our tracks are unique pieces of art.

The virtual instruments used are from the last library of the market of Kontakt Native Instrument.

For the drums we use Abbey Road or Studio Drummer.

For the bass we record a real one or Scarbee bass for programming.

The Guitar are recorded with an ampli or guitar rig.

Mixing and Mastering are made it with Cubase 9 by Gene2020 Music Services.



at the beginning the project was called Jam with Me.

After a year of producing guitar backing tracks Francesco Generali ( the founder )

decided to use is name of my space “Gene2020″.

In fact the project became a brand

and the brand expand him self.

Gene2020 Guitar backing tracks, became Gene2020 Music Services

because drumless tracks start to be added to the project

why not, no bass tracks and Covers Tracks.

So Cover Guitar TAB born as a YouTube Channel

Drums Play Along and Instrumental Backing Tracks.

Now Gene2020 is a 360 degrees music service web site

where people from over the world use as a music platform

for lean guitar, music video background,

study drums, improve music skills of any kind

and a lot of other fun resources for music.

This project was to beautiful to stay only as a backing tracks

expanded fast and now we have thousands of users per day

from sound cloud to Spotify to YouTube to Deezeer and all different platform.

you still have doubt on why you should choose Gene2020?

for backing tracks to practice you can check any links.

If you would like to send us a feedback or request do not hesitate

to contact us to

Our sentence is “the only secret in music is practice”.


THE FOUNDER Francesco Generali

Francesco Generali - Guitar Backing Track

I started to play guitar at the age of 10.

My family wasn’t a wealthy family

I said that I wanted to learn guitar

they were sceptics and with a lot of doubts.

My mom found me in my room

play guitar with a guitar toy made it with a ruler and

a piece of black hard paper cardboard.


They saw me play with that toy

and asked me if I wanted to play a real one.

Guess the answer.

And for my 10th birthday my life changed forever.

I received my first guitar that 6th December

a day that I will never forget,

I still have the smell of the new guitar in my head.

after I started study:

Guitar, Composition, Hard Disk recording,

Solfeggio, Piano, Drums, always working parallel as a waiter.

The Job of waiter allow me to buy and sell a lot of guitars

music equipment, travel around the world

study and accumulate experience to build

Gene2020 Music Services.

I always wanted to be an independent musician

and I lean guitar in the era of books and TV.

I didn’t had the luck of being born in the era of Internet,

all my music resources was from schools, books

DVD or cassette and all the obsolete material for today.

Gene2020 is most a  guitar backing tracks project 

and is a big resource for learning and practice

Everything that I missed wile studying.

I have been to USA, travel around the Europe, lived in London

speak 4 languages,

played with the best and the worst

musicians around the globe

I have studied with the greatest Italian musicians.

Thanks to internet, people who eat a lot and my family

I built this project for you,

I am trying to improve

the quality of the backing tracks every day.



backing track is an audio recording on audiotape,

CD or a digital recording medium or a MIDI recording of synthesized instruments,

sometimes of purely rhythmic accompaniment,

often of a rhythm section or other accompaniment parts that live musicians play along with or sing along to.

Backing tracks enable singers and bands to add parts to their music which would be impractical or impossible to perform live,

such as string section or choir parts which were recorded in the studio.

A backing track can be used by a one person band (e.g., a singer/guitarist) to add any one or more of bass,

drums and keyboards to their live shows without the cost of hiring extra musicians.

A small pop group or rock band (e.g., a power trio) can use backing tracks to add a string sectionhorn section,

drumming or backing vocals to their live shows.

An instrumental is a musical composition or recording without lyrics,

or singing, although it might include some inarticulate vocals,

such as shouted backup vocals in a Big Bandsetting.

The music is primarily or exclusively produced by musical instruments.


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